Frienn - Italian frying

Palm oil free

FRIENN by Olitalia is a new frying oil with patent pending, created by Olitalia in collaboration with the Italian Chef Pasquale Torrente.The innovation of its recipe consists in the absence of palm oil and the presence of antioxidants, partly extracted from the rosemary plant, which gives the product an Italian identity. FRIENN is ideal for frying food tasting the Mediterranean flavour.

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Pasquale Torrente is the appreciated Italian Chef born in Salerno, Campania (Southern Italy), owner of the restaurant “Al Convento”, in the typical village of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast. Tradition and enhancement of the raw materials are the base of his culinary credo.
The so-called “Re delle Alici” (King of Anchovies) enriches your dish with the renowned fresh catch from Campania, which in his hands becomes a gift for the joy of the table. Together with his son Gaetano, he arrived even in Rome, within Eataly world, with the aim of winning over the palate of the Italian capital city thanks to the art of frying, wisely mixing the “paranza” (Italian fried seafood speciality) with the most innovative crispy specialities.

Fry at the right temperature according to food type.

160°C Fry at a moderate temperature when cooking vegetables, escalopes and bulky foodstuffs.

170°C Fry at a high temperature when cooking chicken, fish and sweet foods.

180°C Fry at a very high temperature when cooking french fries, potato croquettes and similarly small pieces of food.

The quantity of oil should be higher than the amount of food to be cooked so that the temperature doesn’t drop excessively once the food is immersed.
Drain and dry the food well before frying.
Never salt food while frying; put salt only after frying.
Always use a suitably sized and shaped frying pan according to the amount and type of food to be cooked.

Frienn, which means “frying” in the dialect of Naples, recalls the rich tradition of frying, typical of Campania Region, in southern Italy. Further, it is a tribute to Pasquale Torrente, the Italian Chef who took part in its conception.
NEW RECIPE: high-oleic sunflower oil is naturally richer in oleic acid (80%) than the common sunflower oil (25%). The greater content of oleic acid (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) and the addition of antioxidants gives the oil more stability when frying at high temperatures.
Frienn does not release bad odors to food or in the air and it prevents the transfer of flavour from one food to another. It is therefore excellent for all types of frying (salted and sweet).
Frienn doesn’t modify the colour of food and remains clear during frying.